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Hey Everyone —

Thanks so much for all the votes cast over the last few days. All of the finalists received a bunch of support, but there was a clear winner. Congratulations to Nicholas Bailey of Chicago for his winning literal caption: ”Here”!

Close on his tail were the runners-up: “I’m Groucho Marx, but not really. Here are the ten commandments,” by Kirk of Texas, and “God, your disguise sucks,” by David Hart of Victoria, Australia.

Thanks to everyone who participated — the caption contest was a blast, and I hope to have another one soon.

(As a sidenote, you may have noticed that there haven’t been new posts over the last few days. I was contacted this week by Condé Nast, which owns The New Yorker, about the blog using images that originally appeared in the magazine — I’m hoping to come to a satisfactory arrangement with them, but in the meantime I won’t be posting. Thank you all so much for reading and for being so enthusiastic about the blog. It’s been awesome to hear from all of you!)



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    Apparently, Condé Nast has never heard of “Fair Use” (especially in terms of commentary or satire). CN == douchebags
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    Perhaps the solution is to just start reblogging The New Yorker tumblr’s cartoons and adding the captions. Or for Condé...
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